Ahiru no Tamago / Ahirunotamago (Duck’s eggs : Is Grandma ill?) あひるのたまご


Author : Wakiko Sato  さとうわきこ

Published : 1995

Personal recommendation : 3-5 years old

This is Wakiko Sato’s popular BABABAACHAN (= Grandma BABA) series. The Grandma BABA life is surrounded by her animal friends. One day, animal friends realized that BABA is acting wired, stay still in the bed, rubbing her stomach etc.

Then, animal friends called other animal friends for help assuming their favorite BABA is sick. They all decided to bring the daily necessary goods like bread/vegetables/fruit/flowers to check on her. While they are saying “get well soon, BABA” in BABA’s room, all of sudden the duck came in and says “Have you seem my eggs?” BABA came out from bed saying “Oh it was you. You should not walk away by leaving your eggs. I came home with those and kept those eggs warm inside my bed. I believe it will hatch soon!”

Soon after, Chicks came out from eggs and animal friends realized that BABA isn’t sick at all but rather trying to keep the egg warm. Then, some says “So, what should we do with all those goodies we brought for BABA?” BABA suggests “Let’s have a party then!”

In the middle of party, grandma again crawls to bed. Animal friends are saying “Do you still have eggs to keep warm?” BABA goes “I ate too much at the party actually and I need to lie onto the bed to recover!”

This classic Grandma BABA series always gives peaceful mind to readers and nothing can go wrong with BABA’s book. It does not have to be this book episode but kids would love any of BABA’s episodes.

You can purchase this book here.  広告はこちら

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