11 piki no Neko Fukuro No Naka / 11PikinoNekoFukurononaka (11 Cats Inside The Bag) 11ぴきのねこ ふくろのなか


Author : Noboru Baba 馬場のぼる 

Published : 1982

Personal Recommendation : 3-5 years old and older

This book is Author Noboru Baba’s popular “11 cats” series.  Apparently, the signature character in his books usually includes Cat.  (Though it was not “11 cats” series, but my previous review on Noboru Baba’s book also has this Cat character appearance)    This series has been there for last 40 decades or so and I have also read this book when I was small myself. But good contents never gets old and this series is still today’s children’s favorite story.

  • 11 cats went on Field trip on one sunny day, marching in one line.  Tabby Cat is being the captain and leading the group in the front. 
  • Soon, they found the beautiful flower field. They also found the sign board by the flower field.  “Do…Not…Pick…Flowers?  Don’t pick flowers? Yeah but it was such beautiful flowers and hard to resist…
  • Cats are saying “Picking one flower should be OK as it has so many flowers here” “Yes, you are right”.   “ NO you guys cannot do that!” Tabby Cat trying to convince other cats.  But cats saying “Nah, only one flower should be OK”
  • It ended up everybody (all the 11 cats including Tabby Cat himself) picked one flower each and stick the flower in their hair/forehead and started walking on the trail again. 
  • Soon, they came to the river where suspension bride is equipped. One Cat says “Hey, it says something on the sign board”  “Danger…Do…not…cross…the…bridge…”   “Danger : Do not Cross the bridge!” 
  • Some Cast says “Nah, it should be OK to cross.  Yes, fear is less if everybody stick together to cross the bridge!”  “OK Guys,  Let’s shows some courage and cross the bridge!” 
  • Soon, they arrived at the top of hill.  Tabby Cat says “OK Guys, let’s have lunch break here”  “Yuppy! “  Then, some Cat says “Hey, Look. There is also sign bord by that tree”  “Well, do…not…climb…the…tree…”   “DO not climb the tree?” 
  • Then, all the cats ended up climbing on the tree and sat on the branch and had a lunch on the tree.
  • Then, some cat says “Hey, Look! There is huge huge white Bag over there.  It also has some sign board.”  “Do…not…go…into…this…bag…”  “Don’t go into this bag???”  
  • Soon after, all the 11 cats went into the bag. “Uhihihi.. AHahahaha” All of sudden, Cats hearing some creepy laugh and before they know it, the opening of bag is tied so that the opening is to be closed.
  • “Got you all!” It turns out it was the monster named “UHIAHA” and this monster made a trap for 11 cats to be captured.  The Monster UHIAHA picked up the white bag (11cats inside) and started climbing mountains 
  • They have been captured inside the prison at Monster’s castle.  Some Cats are feeling down and whispering, “we are over..”  Tabby Cat saying “Calm down guys.  There should be some ways out of this…”
  • The monster brought stone-made land leveling roller and said to Cats “OK, from today, you all need to drag this roller to flatten the ground every single day. I want large private playground field. So WORK HARD!”  The monster forced cats to keep working every day.  
  • One day, Cats came up with a brilliant idea. They pretended they were having fun with joy while dragging the roller. Monster noticed and said “Hey, if it is that fun, let me try myself” Monster continues “Hmmm, it is actually quite fun!”   During that time, Cats managed to escape from the prison. 
  • Cats placed the big barrel at the edge of the Castle wall and put the sign board “Do not go into the barrel”   Monster read the sign and thought cats were hiding in the barrel, so he went into the barrel.  
  • “Guys! NOW! “ says the tabby cat.   All 11 cats came out to rush to the barrel and push the barrel to drop outside of the Castle wall.
  • “YES! We did it! We can do anything if we stick together!”  celebrated Cats.  On the way back home from Monster’s castle, they came across to the big road with some traffics. There is sign board saying, “Do not cross this road”..
  • Yet, Cats learned lesson already and they decided to use the pedestrian bridge to go over the road.  😊 (End of story) 

I find this book very interesting. Not only the storyline but it has some psychological perspective as well.  When we (especially kids) are told “Do not do XYZ”, people tend to feel like doing this banned action. (and it would usually end up regretting that decision…    All the 11 cats including Tabby Cat fell was no exception in the beginning of story, but at the end, they all overcame this natural “human nature” (Well, actually “cat” in this case 😊 ) and made a better decision than before.  Hope kids can also get this hidden messages/tips of life from this book.

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11ぴきのねこふくろのなか [ 馬場のぼる ]
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